We supply high quality perfluoroelastomer O-rings (FFKM) and Viton O-ring (FKM) in various sizes, our O-rings are tested according to the highest standards and is good for harsh environment process like plasma etch, ashing, high temperature oxidation diffusion, lamp anneal, CVD processes, and chemical wet process. Due to the surge in global demand and the logistic challenges that all industries are facing now, we are able to overcome all odds and supply the stock with shortest lead time without compromising on the quality. We welcome all enquiries. 

Bonded gate door and engineered sealing system are designed for easy installation and low particle generation. It is designed to minimize the seal area exposed to plasma and provide excellent resistance for stress loads.  We custom made bonded gate door for our semiconductor customers with highest quality and shortest lead time that you can find in Singapore.


  • Customade Bonded Gate

  • Customade FFKM O-ring Perfluroelastomer

  • Customade FKM Viton Silicone NBR